Manoj Todi

Suyash Todi

Driven by the power of passion, Suyash Todi joined his father at the age of 20, simultaneously studying, curious to understand the entrepreneurial side of his father. He imbibed in himself the fundamentals of trust, consistency, perseverance and risk taking ability which were the heart and soul of his father’s way of doing business. He credits his mother, being the sensitive one, for ingraining in him the fine art of ‘nurturing relationships’.

During the first few years of operations, the company created a unique identity in delivering budget homes in Garia, Kolkata. Starlite designs, spaces and creates environments for communities to bond together in a social fabric in both living spaces as well as work places.

In each project, one can experience discerning functions, stellar forms & superlative finishes with thoughtful detailing, handpicked materials and impeccable craftsmanship. Suyash also shows sensitivity towards environment. He ensures that these world class feats of engineering contribute to a healthy ecosystem. He spends a lot of time meticulously planning of minute details in every project with his design and engineering teams at the macro and micro levels.