STARLITE GROUP has been shining bright in the sphere of Real Estate in Kolkata since more than 2 decades. During this period the Group has established itself as exclusive Group Housing developers in the Southern fringes of Kolkata and further beyond. Combining sharp vision and a keen sense of understanding of the new age home buyers - it has successfully created milestone developments. Projects that have blended rich lifestyle with the rare mark of affordability - Starlite has sold starry dreams which are now visible as real homes much to the delight of its emotional owners.

The Group has never compromised on quality and have ensured that projects have been delivered on time, and in a way promised. Such has been its vision, that numerous developments have sprung up within a short period of the Group's existance. The skyline is now dotted with the Starlite emblem glowing radiantly, and many more projects are being developed simultaneously.

The Group is now a frontrunner in Housing Developments - a feat that has been achieved in a remarkably short span of time. It forecasts a very steady growth in the coming years as each of its projects have struck a unique chord with its clientele who have benefited greatly in many ways. The value of the properties have appreciated healthily, and lifestyles have been upgraded. It has provided a sense of pride to owners who have bought subsequent properties that bear the classy hallmark of Starlite. The Group has partnered with the some of the leading Architects, Designers, Contractors etc. to create the fine homes it has now under its wings. The stress has always been on quality and affordability, so in a way it has served to the needs of home buyers with great success.

Financial strength and a keen understanding of the Real Estate scenario has always made Starlite Group stay in touch with the times. The developments, hence mirror the philosophy of the Group - fines homes and better living at reasonable costs. Starlite Group believes that R&D is essential to the growth of any Real Estate Developer. Hence it has always focused on minute details and made its projects shine in every way possible. Extensive planning has ensured that the Projects have sprung up at all the right places, and at the right time. All this has yielded rich rewards to the home owners as the value of the projects have appreciated healthily.

A great understanding of the trade, experience and a solid reputation poises Starlite as a Group that was always meant for greater things. It has grand plans for the future - backed by some unique ideas and innovations that are raring to go.

The Group is guided by its core principles that have created the road of success. Growth, hence is something that has come naturally. Starlite is now one of the most exciting Groups in Real Estate to look out for in the near future.